Worm Prevention

Regular worming will keep your pet parasite-free. And your children safe.

Cats and dogs pick up worms from their mothers, other pets, ingesting slugs and snails and by ingesting the faeces of other animals. There are several types of worms that will cause disease ranging from weight loss to severe life-threatening diarrhoea. Roundworm and some types of tapeworm can be passed on to people, particularly children, and can cause disease and even blindness. Lungworm, a round worm, caught by your dog eating slugs or snails can in many cases be lethal.

To offer the most comprehensive protection for cats and dogs we generally recommend:

  • Monthly treatment with a de-worming tablet up to 6 months of age (this is conveniently done with our flea application)
  • Subsequent de-worming every 3 months in adults
  • Prevention of Lungworm needs to be carried out monthly either by drops on the back of the neck or a tablet.

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