Fleur is a masters graduate Veterinary Physiotherapist (MVetPhys) for all animals but specialises in treating cats and dogs.

Veterinary physiotherapy aims to reduce pain, improve mobility, prevent injury or reoccurrence of injuries, and just improve the overall health and sporting/performance ability of animals of all shapes and sizes.

This is done through a wide range of methods including but not exclusive to:

  • Manual therapies such as massage, joint mobilisations, & stretches.
  • Electroptherapies such as ultrasound, laser, & TENS.
  • Remedial exercise to help to encourage correct movement patterns and improve muscle strength, endurance, balance and stability.
  • Management advice such as how to make appropriate adaptations to the home environment.

Vet physios work closely with veterinary surgeons and nurses to help get the best for your animal and all treatment programmes are personalised depending on a thorough history taking and our assessment findings.

Get in touch with Fleur to find out more today:
07565 012 953

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