Pet Health Plan

The Pet Health Plan is there to give your pet the very best in preventative health. In our busy day to day lives its ways to forget to de-worm or de-flea our pets. 

Here at Battlers Green Vets we will set up a plan specifically for your pet, providing them with the appropriate flea and worm treatments. We will also set up a reminder system for when you need to pick up more treatment as well as when their annual vaccinations are due, The plan is designed to help you as the owner do the best for your pet as well as be kinder on the pocket.

The plan includes:

  • Annual Booster Vaccination
  • Kennel Cough Vaccination for Dogs
  • Year Round Parasite (flea and worm) Prevention
  • 6 Month Health Check with a Vet
  • Neutering Discount (10%)
  • Dental Discount (15%)
  • Food Discount (in store) (10%)
  • Nail Clipping / Express Anal Glands FOC with the nurse
  • Microchipping